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We have outside financing and in-house financing on the overwhelming majority of our inventory. However, any car over about $9000 will most likely require us to secure a loan for you through a bank or finance company.

We sell spectacular cars and our in-house loans average roughly a quick two-year term, so you own the vehicle faster and save money. We want to help your credit situation by setting terms for you to quickly pay off the loan so you can establish or re-establish your car credit--hopefully coming back to us for your next vehicle. In-house financing is often a necessary step with challenged credit and we offer it on select vehicles. Dealers who are willing to give someone four and five year loans on in-house financing in order to reach a low payment that A-1 credit customers can barely qualify for are setting you up to fail – and fail big.

The minimum down payment we accept is $1000 and our average is over $1500. A good rule: the more expensive the car, the more you need down. If your credit is that challenged, a solid down payment is necessary to purchase any vehicle that you desire.

We don't play games with down payments. If we tell you a number, then that is what it is. You don't have to then add tax and title or other fees to it like some dealers do so they can get away with quoting a low down payment in their ads to get your attention. We don't quote payments in our ads. If you see a payment out in the margin of a car you see online, know that it is the advertising source making that claim and not us.

Comparing financial deals between different dealers and cars is an apples-to-oranges game. If a dealer is quoting you a number that seems too good to be true, then check the other variables in the financial equation. There are: price, loan term, interest rate, and down payment. Make sure you know what each is before trying to compare deals. We will always tell you UP FRONT what each of those figures are. Never do business with someone who will not--especially the price.

Our deals can be closed the same day. Here's how our process works: You drive the car(s) you're interested in and find one you like. We will pull your credit but we don't care how bad it is. Mainly we need to verify who you are and make sure everything stated on the application is accurate. We then give you EXACT figures, and we complete the deal when you’re comfortable. Please bring with you the following items to complete the deal: down payment in cash or debit card, current pay stub, proof of residence, driver license, 5 references with addresses and phone numbers, current insurance carrier/agent info if you have it. If you don't, we can assist you with the insurance.

We look forward in helping you succeed in your car buying process.

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Address: 425 Cobb Pkwy North : Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: (678) 932-2932